Sunday, December 9, 2012

Trees, Trees, and More Trees. Thank you Recycle Club Leaders!!!

Mrs. Klee is one of our resource teachers at CHES. She has taken the leadership role of sponsoring our Recycle Club. These kids have really embraced their roles as leaders in our school. Their primary responsibility has been to collect our recyclables each Thursday, sort them, and get them ready for pick up. They synergize and to get the job done efficiently and effectively. They show they use the 7 Habits by setting goals, thinking win-win, being proactive, etc. However, they really took their role a step further by beginning with the end in mind. They decided that our running track needed trees for our students. It's gets really hot in at the beginning of school and in the spring. The recycle club wanted shade for all the kids. They set a goal to get trees. They wrote a letter to our community asking different tree farms and nurseries to donate trees for our students. We were so happy when Hilltop Tree Farm helped us reach our goal. They donated many trees. Below is the letter they wrote, the plan for the trees, and the map of how they wanted the trees to be planted. If it weren't for these student leaders and Mrs. Klee, we would never have gotten these trees. They really are taking responsibility for our school!!!!! Thank you!!! We are proud of you! 

I'm sorry the letter is side-ways. Technology is not cooperating with me. I can't figure out how to flip it. I tried to flip but it won't save it.

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