Friday, March 8, 2013

Leadership Showcase was AMAZING!!!!

Thank you to Mrs. Campbell for organizing such an AMAZING night for our kids and families. Tonight was our first ever Leadership Showcase to show how our students have grown in their leadership skills in all areas. We had leadership clubs, student leaders at each door greeting families, a photo booth, the computer lab set up, and free drink koozies for everyone with the 7 Habits on it. Below is a picture of the koozie. I forgot to bring all the cameras home tonight to put pictures on the blog but I promise to do that this weekend sometime.

I know we have many new members of our blog. This is a great place for you to comment and let CHES know what you want to see here and what you think about things that are happening at CHES. We really do want to know so we can make our school the best learning environment for our kids and families. So if you are a new member to our blog, please comment below and let us know what you thought about tonight. If you don't know how to comment or can't figure it out, please email Mrs. Cole ( Your opinion is valuable!!!!!!!!!! What did you like? What should we do differently for next time? Any other ideas or comments???????

Thank you to Terry's Tees for ordering our drink koozies for us.

We really do have the BEST families ever! Thank you for showing up and supporting our kids tonight. Thank you for our staff for helping to make tonight a success as well.

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