Monday, June 25, 2012

New School Shirts

We wanted a way to communicate our Leader In Me habits to our families. We visited many schools while learning about Leader In Me and one of the schools (I can't remember which one) made t-shirts with the 7 Habits and gave every child a shirt. This way, parents would see the habits while they did the laundry weekly. We thought this was a great idea and made our shirts.  You can see below. Let us know what you think about our shirts. Our mascot is the husky so we used the paw print. Does your school have shirts to communicate Leader In Me???? If so, we'd love to showcase them on our blog.

We are also going to have 2 transformation days at our school in July to add quotes to our walls, put up the 7 Habits paintings, and to make our school a Leadership school. I'm excited to share pictures of our process. We'd love to see pictures of your school. If you are a Leader In Me school, please leave a comment so we can visit your blog or website to see how you have transformed your school.

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  1. Welcome to 7 Habits and the Leadership Model. We have been implementing the habits for the past 2 years and just were awarded as the 25th Lighthouse school. Please visit our website - Summerville Elementary School -
    You will love what this model offers to your student, faculty and your community. Amy