Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Our Journey Begins

Our school is just beginning as a  Leader in Me school based on work by Stephen Covey. I hope that this blog will be a useful tool for teachers to find resources and ideas for how to implement the 7 habits. We just had our Vision Training and we are all excited to re-invent our school so that we can help our kids become leaders. Below are pictures of our staff in our new school t-shirts which have the 7 habits on the back. The rest are pictures of our Vision Training.

Please comment and let me know if your school is implementing the Leader in Me and if you have a blog or website. I'd love to add other blogs to my blog list. So far, the only 2 blogs listed are mine and my teaching partner's blog. We will be updating and managing this blog together.

Click on the book to go to Amazon to purchase it.


  1. I look forward to learning more about this. My friend's school is training right now...I borrowed the book from another friend, and have the "kid version" too...

    I'm your third follower! :)

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  2. I love your blog and have visited it many times. I hope to upload lots of freebies for everyone for the 7 habits. Even if you aren't using them schoolwide you can use them in your classroom.

  3. Congratulations on your new journey!! I can't wait to watch your progress.

  4. Also, check out Pinterest! Lots of ideas there. I am going to tell everyone in my area about your blog.

  5. My school district (Chillicothe City Schools in Chillicothe, Ohio) is implementing this program and we really love it! It is such a wonderful program! I look forward to seeing your ideas, tips, etc. Thanks for starting this blog! :)

  6. WELCOME to The Leader in Me!!! My school
    (DeFranco Elementary, Bangor PA) is in our 2nd year and I love everything about it.

    On my blog I focus mostly on my food things - but do also talk about some awesome things going on at our school.

    Look forward to following your journey, congrats & hopefully your school year has gotten off to a great start!